Redesigning Schooling…a campaign aiming to ensure that the future of education is shaped by high quality practice and research within the profession.  Our new video (YouTube) outlines the cornerstones of the campaign and you can read more here.


Watch our new video on YouTube

Our Regional Symposia in March offered delegates an opportunity to engage in lively debate with leading educational thinkers and academics, and to examine much needed change in education from a variety of perspectives. Visit the symposium page and Twitter digests for supporting resources and links.

SSAT is also proud to announce the establishment of the Vision 2040 Group, a grassroots movement of school leaders, practitioners and students, who by engaging in research and sharing practice, are going to be driving the right changes in education for our young people.

Follow @ssat on TwitterSchools need to decide on their magnetic north to help steer change & to get everyone’s commitment for cumulative progress #SSATRS

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Follow @ssat on TwitterBalance and coherence of curriculum will be gained through control-what’s to stop you teaching everything through say, history?  #SSATRS

Follow @ssat on TwitterThere’s no such thing as an outstanding school; just a school full of outstanding teachers #SSATRS

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