To whom should schools be accountable – students, parents, local community?  And what is it they need to know – that standards are high? .. that the school is successful?  What of the inspection of schools .. is it a tool of local and central government to check that directives and initiatives are being complied with?  

This section of the website aims to answer questions around accountability and intelligent inspection of schools.

We’ll be looking at the role of local authority and academy chains in the process and whether the current Ofsted set-up is the right one to deliver what is needed.  We’ll be asking whether there’s a role for peer review and local inspection teams and whether parents could be involved more directly.  There needs to be balance of challenge and support.

And what about school governors?  Is their current role sustainable?  Should they be accredited or even remunerated for the work they do?  Or do we need an alternative framework altogether?

Finally and equally importantly, we’ll be looking at the inspection of the inspectors, to ensure that all schools are treated consistently and fairly?

Please help us to answer these questions and provide action research evidence by getting involved … please register and contribute to the discussions and activities.

“Qualitative data doesn’t sit easily in simplistic league tables .. but they’re incredibly powerful tools for school improvement. School self-evaluation often draws on such qualitative methods in addition to analysing quantitative data; the best schools undertake a wide and sophisticated range of activities to feed into their school improvement processes.

Brian Lightman at SSAT’s National Conference 2012
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