your-viewsOur hopes for the campaign

These are tough times for school leaders but we know as a profession, we have to change. Surely we have to have the courage of our convictions and put in place those opportunities that we feel equip our students most appropriately for life in the digital age and for taking their place in the global workspace?

Do we always have to follow the Government line, or can we as a profession, take more control of the future of education and the steering of our young people towards global citizenship?

Redesigning Schooling is a campaign lead by SSAT and its member schools, leading thinkers and academics to shape the teaching profession’s own vision for schooling.

We need your input .. your ideas!

If you would like to contribute to the site by commenting on the blog posts or joining a discussion, or even by contributing a blog post of your own, then please contact Glyn Barritt who will set you up with a user account for the site.

Pamphlets and recommendations

Based on research and international comparisons, and using the thinking and practice captured by the Regional Symposia and the Vision 2040 group, a series of pamphlets will be published early in the Autumn Term onwards and offer recommendations/practical solutions to help schools develop a world-class education system in England.  The pamphlets will cover …

  • Globalisation and the reasons for changing the English education system: economic prosperity, digitalisation, disaffection of young people.
  • What kind of teaching for what kind of learning?  Balance of knowledge versus skills for students.  Impact of technology.  How do we achieve excellence for all?
  • Curriculum – what freedoms do schools have?  What are the principles of curriculum design?  What is the difference between national, local and school curricula?  Different pathways.  Hierarchy of subjects.
  • Vocational Education – How can we ensure that there is a quality vocational route for students that has parity of esteem with an academic pathway?  What can we learn from other countries?
  • A world-class qualifications system – what are the principles and practice of a world-class qualifications system.  When should students be tested?  What lessons can be learnt from around the world?
  • Accountability and intelligent inspection – how should the accountability system evolve to support a more autonomous, diverse and self-improving system?
  • Student impact and the importance of student leadership in the redesigned school.