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This area of the website aims to bring together from all corners of the site, links to articles and any resources that underpin and support the campaign.  Authors are cited with surname first.

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Battistin, E and Schizzerotto, A (2012): Threat of Grade Retention, Remedial Education and Student Achievement: Evidence from Upper Secondary Schools in Italy (download pdf)

– C –

Cambridge Assessment: Putting Learning at the Heart of Assessment (download pdf)
Cambridge Assessment: Could do better-Using international comparisons to refine the National Curriculum (download pdf)
CBI Report: First steps.  A new approach for our schools (read online)
CBI Report: First steps. A new approach for our schools (download pdf)
CBI education campaign – case studies, perspectives, videos
Claxton, Guy and Lucas, Bill: School as a Foundation for Lifelong Learning (download pdf)
Colvin, Geoff: Talent is Overrated (Amazon online bookstore)
Corrigan, O (2013): Building a High Quality Technical and Vocational Route through the Education System (download pdf)

– D –

DfE: Secondary School Accountability Consultation-information, links (website)
DfE: Draft National Curriculum Consultation-information, links (website)
EDickson, M et al (2013): Early, Late or Never? When does Parental Education Impact Child Outcomes? (download pdf)
Didau, David: Blogs as Learning Spy (website)


Eichhorst W, Rodriguez-Planas N, Schmidl R and Zimmermann K F (2012): A Roadmap to Vocational Education and Training Systems Around the World (download pdf)

– G –

Gates Foundation: Measures of Effective Teaching (website)
Gladwell, Malcolm: Outliers of Success (Amazon online bookstore)

– H –

Hargreaves, David, 2006: A New Shape for Schooling (download pdf)
Hay Group: Building the New Leader – Challenges of the Future Revealed (download pdf)
Herman, J and Linn, R (2013): On the Road to Assessing Deeper Learning-Status of Smarter Balanced and PARCC Assessment Consortia (download pdf)


iNet Charter 2012 (download pdf)

– K –

Ken Robinson: The Element – How finding your passion changes everything (Online bookstore)

– L –

League Tables 2012: BBC Education (online)
League Tables 2012: Telegraph (online)

– M –

Mazur, Eric:  Confessions of a Converted Lecturer (YouTube)
Mazur, Eric: SSAT National Conference 2012 keynote presentation (YouTube)
Mazur, Eric: SSAT National Conference 2012 keynote extract (YouTube)
Mazur, Eric:  SSAT National Conference 2012 – question to audience (YouTube)
Muir, R (2013) he Impact of League Table Reform on Vocational Education in Schools (download pdf)

– N –

Naemi, B et al (2012): Building Case to Develop Noncognitive Assessment Products & Services Targeting Workforce Readiness at ETS (download pdf)
November, Alan: Who Owns the Learning? (website)

– P –

Pink, Daniel: Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (website)
Purpose of Education: Thinkpiece by Prof Guy Claxton (download pdf)

– R –

Redesigning Schooling – Globalisation and Education (download pdf)

– S –

Salkowitz, R: Preparing Students for an Entrepreneurial World (2011) (pdf)
Salkowitz, R: Young World Rising (Amazon online bookstore)
Sherrington, Tom: Blogs as Headguruteacher
Sherrington, Tom: Co-constructing your classes (Guardian website)
SSAT National Conference 2009-21st Century Schooling  (download pdf)
Storified tweets (Tony Parkin) from SSAT’s National Conference 2012 (website)
Syed, Malcolm: Bounce (Amazon online bookstore)

– T –

Traineeships: FE Week (website)

– W –

Weinhardt, F (2013): Neighborhood Quality and Student Performance (download pdf)
Wiliam, Dylan: SSAT National Conference 2012 (YouTube)
Wiliam, Dylan: Extract of above re helping our teachers to be the best (YouTube)

– Y –

YouTube:  SSAT’s Channel – National Conferences, Lead Practitioners