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    Glyn Barritt

    On 27 January, Peter Wilby published this article in the Guardian ..

    A-level reforms: Michael Gove’s bid to grab headlines will merely narrow pupils’ learning. The education secretary, an ex-journalist, knows how to sell reforms for the right-wing press. But it’s no way to run our schools.

    Michael Gove announced plans to reform A-levels on 23 January with an immediate response by the National Union of Teachers, warning that such a move would clash with the introduction of the new EBACC for 16 year old students, thereby putting intolerable pressure on schools.  And Cambridge University published a statement stating its opposition to the combined AS exam being scrapped, saying they were crucial for identifying the most talented applicants.

    What are your views on the A-level reforms?

    • – How do you think their nature and implementation will chime with various stakeholders (students, teachers, headteachers, parents, governors, universities etc);
    • – How do you think they will be viewed internationally?
    • – Do you think a Labour Government would/could reverse those changes?  Why isn’t Stephen Twigg going head to head with Michael Gove to oppose Conservative policies?  http://bit.ly/11Hqd4i
    • – What effect will non-modular courses have on students in deprived circumstances who are desperately trying to bridge the gap between GCSEs and A-levels?  http://bit.ly/14zvgqR

    Glyn Barritt

    Laura McInerny writes in the Guardian on Monday 18 February, giving her views on the myth of ‘facilitating A levels’ and how Michael Gove’s ‘ABacc’ plans could end up excluding many bright young students because they don’t quite fit the mould

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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