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    Colin Logan

    Whether it’s a U-turn or responding to feedback, there are some potentially encouraging things suggested in Michael Gove’s Secondary School Accountability Consultation.  The demise of the 5 A*-C including English and maths threshold is welcome.  Threshold measures are by definition a binary measure – you’re either in or out and they give no indication of by how far some students got past the threshold by scoring Bs, As and A*s nor of how close some others might have got to it by making enormous progress since KS2.  Point scores are inclusive measures.  Everybody contributes to them across the board at all levels of attainment.  So is the new Best 8 accountability measure to be welcomed with open arms?  Not quite.  As currently suggested, it will be a point score measure of “Ebacc plus 3”.  Five slots will be reserved for the current Ebacc subjects, leaving 3 others for “high-value qualifications” (which could include vocational subjects which satisfy the new quality standards).  In practice, students in many schools will not accumulate 8 qualifying subjects although the total point score for the qualifying subjects they do take will still be divided by 8 to get the “average”.

    If that isn’t enough to encourage schools to make changes to their offer from 2015 which might not necessarily be of the greatest benefit to their students, paragraph 1.1 of the consultation hints that these changes could actually be brought in for the performance tables in 2015 – and that means for the current Year 10.

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