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    Glyn Barritt

    “My teachers were free to approach me and every other kid in that classroom like an individual puzzle. They took so much care in figuring out who we were and how to best make the lessons resonate with each of us. They were empowered to unlock our potential. They were allowed to be teachers”

    This is part of a speech that actor Matt Damon gave in 2011 to thousands of teachers, parents and others who attended the Save Our Schools march in Washington DC, USA to protest about the Obama Administration’s education policies, centered on standardised tests.

    (Damon’s full speech (with video) can be found here … or downloaded as a pdf, created from the text on the site.)

    The march was part of a four-day event held three years after the election of Barack Obama to his first term in presidential office when the hope had been that the legacy issues of the No Child Left Behind Act 2002 would have been turned around.

    Do the reasons behind that march resonate with you today as teachers .. parents .. students?  Are our teachers being given the opportunities to reach their full and creative potential .. and are they being given sufficient credit for what they achieve? (This blog post by Dylan Wiliam may also be useful here.)

    Is the shaping of our own educational policy involving those who know how it will play out in classrooms and how it will meet divergent student needs?

    Please have your say here …



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