Throughout March 2013, primary and secondary headteachers and practitioners joined leading academics in discussions at the cornerstones of educational change – curriculum redesign, teaching and learning, professional capital and accountability/intelligent inspection. 

Whilst blue sky thinking was strongly encouraged, discussion and feedback enabled every delegate to leave the venues with ideas that they could implement  forthwith, to bring about systemic change in their schools and to give their youngsters every conceivable opportunity to succeed.

Throughout the symposium series, we were delighted to be supported by Guy Claxton, Bill Lucas, Dylan Wiliam, Tim Oates, Andy Hargreaves, Christine Gilbert and Chris Husbands … and pleased to welcome support from our campaign partners – ASCL, Lord Baker, the Edge Foundation and the Baker Dearing Trust.


What kind of teaching for what kind of learning?
(led by Professors Guy Claxton & Bill Lucas)

School as a Foundation for Lifelong Learning
8 Principles of Expansive Teaching and Learning

Presentations and tweets:

London presentation (7 March) | Tweet Digest (Storify)
Manchester presentation (18 March)  |  Tweet Digest (Storify)

Principled curriculum design: Tools for schools
(led by Dylan Wiliam; Tim Oates joining in London)

Could do better: Using international comparisons to refine the National Curriculum

Presentations and tweets:
Manchester 8 March – Curriculum (ppt) | Assessment ppt | Tweet digest (Storify)
London 12 March – Dylan Wiliam (ppt) | Tim Oates (ppt) | Tweet digest (Storify)

Professional capital and global lessons of successful change
(Andy Hargreaves)

Reading, presentation and tweets:

Manchester presentation (11 March)Tweet digest (Storify)

Professional Capital-Transforming Teaching in Every School –
Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullen ISBN: 0807753327

Global Search for Education-In Search of the Professionals (Part I)
C M Rubin for Huffington Post

Accountability and intelligent inspection
(led by Christine Gilbert, Chris Husbands and Bill Watkin)

Presentations – Christine Gilbert | Chris Husbands | Bill Watkin
Tweet digest (Storify)


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