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l.Jason Ashley RS pic Jason Ashley
I have been a Senior Manager in three very different schools during the last 11 years. After a successful 5 years at a high performing secondary school at Deputy Headteacher level, and contributing significantly to two outstanding OFSTEDs, was time to take up the challenge of headship. I am currently Headteacher of Redbridge Community School, a vibrant but challenging inner city school in Southampton. Redbridge has been rated outstanding on four separate occasions and we are determined to gain our fifth when it presents.
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 Keven Bartle Keven Bartle  @kevbartle
I am a Deputy Headteacher at Canons High School in north-west London with responsibility for pedagogy and partnerships.  I am hugely committed to distributed leadership in all its forms, most recently with a focus on developing a whole-school approach to improving teaching and learning that is classroom-teacher and student focused.  The focus on partnerships has led us to work closely with the SSAT as an organisation that shares our school (and my own) commitment to identifying, nurturing and sharing best practice in order to support individual, school and system improvement.
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 Michael Bettles Michael Bettles
I am Deputy Head at Heathfield Community School in Taunton; my present role encompasses Curriculum, Assessment, International Links and Leading Edge. Prior to my current post I worked as an English teacher/Head of English at schools in Hertfordshire and Essex. I am particularly interested in looking at education from an international perspective and at developing creativity within the curriculum. I live in Somerset, have three sons – two of whom are at college in the States – and all of us (including my partner) are insanely obsessed by sport.
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 Matt Bebbington RS pic Matt Bebbington @BebbPEteach
I am a whole school teaching and learning co-ordinator and a PE teacher at Wilmslow High School in Cheshire as well as being a teacher adviser for the Guardian Teacher Network.  I have created a school blog – Lookout for learning – that aims to generate and circulate great teaching practice as far and as wide as possible.  I am also an aspiring rugby coach, in charge of the school’s first XV and a first team coach at Stockport RUFC in National Two North.
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.Tony Billings RS pic Tony Billings  @asbillings
I am Principal of All Hallows, a Catholic voluntary academy in Macclesfield. We are an 11-18 all-ability school which has journey-ed from special measures to outstanding with a constant, passionate and joyful focus on the core purposes of teaching and learning.  Never has it been more important to consider the future shape and purpose of learning –  at a time when polarised views are re-emerging, around the traditional versus modern pedagogy, academic versus applied learning, and education as ‘ends’ or ‘means’. I am passionate about effective teaching being linked to effective learning, the fundamentally creative role of the teacher, and the need for leadership to ensure that this is at the core of all decision making. All Hallows is well known for successful innovation in teaching and curriculum, coupled with an emphasis on renewing learning culture through an emphasis on agreed values.
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 Rob Carter Rob Carter @robcarter2012
I am Headteacher at St. Paul’s Catholic College and have been actively involved in the work of the SSAT. St. Paul’s leads Inspire Teaching School Alliance that has a focus on professional learning, leadership and raising achievement. I am passionate about learning and teaching looking to ensure the ‘best deal’ for students in all schools. I believe that the 2040 Vision and Redesigning Schooling campaign is an opportunity to shape the direction of educational reform and change to secure all that is best for schools.
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 Philippa Edwards Philippa Edwards  @thePJE
I have been Teaching and Learning Leader for History for five years and have recently taken on the post of Literacy Coordinator. This has provided the opportunity for exploration of innovative and creative approaches, and a sharing of ideas and good practice with colleagues in other schools. In total, I have been teaching for seven years with experience of working with a wide range of agencies, such as the Prince’s Teaching Institute. Membership of SSAT has lead to better practice through the sharing of ideas and above all, it has reinforced and enhanced my passion for the best job in the world .. teaching.
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 Colin Forrest-Charde RS pic Colin Forrest-Charde  @CBAPFC
I have responsibility for Teaching and Learning, the English Department, Performance Management and CPD.  I have worked with RATL, Leading Edge, YST and the Innovations Unit.  I have introduced personalised Learning to Learn, P4C and Opening Minds programmes into our present Transformational Learning courses. Searching for eLearning and teaching that will ensure our children are best prepared for the 21C.
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 ..Rachel Hudson RS pic Rachel Hudson
I am Deputy Head teacher at Neston High School in Cheshire in my 5th year with responsibility for learning and teaching, self evaluation, appraisal, safeguarding, professional development and training. I started my career as an RE teacher in Bootle, Liverpool, spent some time in Germany and then worked for 10 years in Lincolnshire as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Assistant Head teacher before moving to Neston. I have recently taken colleagues to the SSAT conference to share practice on creating a culture of success through inspirational leadership and developing literacy. We are currently planning for a new build under the priority school’s building programme so the chance to be involved in discussions around redesigning the curriculum is a fantastic opportunity to shape the vision for our future.
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 Mel Kirk Melanie Kirk  @melkirklearning
In my role as Assistant Head of Learning Skills and former Head of science, I believe in a curriculum that develops students’ curiosity and independence.  As demonstrated through our Transformational Learning programme at Perins, 21C teaching should have eLearning embedded to enhance the curriculum with ICT supporting and developing student creativity and collaboration.  I believe in coaching teachers to develop their confidence to take more risks in the classroom so that they provide and model a learning culture to imbue students with skills for the future.
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 Claire Lowe Claire Lowe  @clairelowe2
I have been the Executive Headteacher of the Blackfield and Fawley Federation since 2008. Prior to that I was Headteacher of a village primary school in the New Forest. I have encouraged and developed a culture of deep reflection across the Federation and all staff are encouraged to be leaders of learning in their classrooms. My skills are in improving learning and teaching, curriculum design and developing leadership. I have ensured that both schools work with a wide range of partners to improve outcomes for pupils, not least the SSAT to which we are affiliated.
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lMitch Moore Mitch Moore
I spent the early part of my career teaching music in primary and secondary schools across London.  I moved to the Midlands in the late 1980s and became a primary teacher and subsequently held three headships in Leicestershire.  I then went on to hold senior advisory roles in Staffordshire and Coventry.  I was the Director of the National Strategy Narrowing  the Gaps programme from 2009.  I returned to Headship in September 2011 and have just taken my school out of Special Measures as a ‘good’ school in just 16 months.
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Byron Parker RS pic. Byron Parker
For the past 12 years, I have been the Head Teacher of Woolwich Polytechnic School. I now share the Headship with Tim Plumb. For the past 2 years I have also been the Executive Head Teacher of Thomas Tallis School. Beyond school, I have been a Future Leader Coach and am currently a member of the Strategic and Operational Panel of Partners in Excellence (Pixl).
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Tim Plumb RS pic. Tim Plumb
I am in my third year as Co-headteacher at Woolwich Polytechnic School in Thamesmead. During this time the school has achieved the Outstanding badge as well as being the first secondary school in the country to gain the Exceptional Schools Award. The school serves one of the most deprived areas of the UK and students enter well below national averages yet leave the school over 20% above the national average in English and Maths. I am also a member of the Teaching Leaders National Heads’ Council.
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.Alex Quigley Alex Quigley  @HuntingEnglish
I am a subject leader of English leading a highly successful English and Media Faculty at Huntington School, in York. I am an experienced teacher who has taught a range of qualifications, including the International Baccalaureate, and I am greatly interested in innovative pedagogy and curriculum models from around the world. I blog regularly on a range of topics at www.huntingenglish.wordpress.com. I have also written articles for the @Guardian website and other educational website.
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Rosanna Raimatol Rosanna Raimato
I am a Deputy Headteacher at Bradley Stoke Community School in South Gloucestershire, having previously been Deputy Principal at Linton Village College in Cambridgeshire before moving back to the South West.  Prior to this, I was fortunate enough to spend three years leading on achievement programmes at SSAT, collaborating with many inspirational schools and leaders.  My background in teacher-led research and curriculum design add to my absolute belief that schools must drive forward transformation in education by working together.
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Tom Sherringtonl Tom Sherrington (CHAIR)  @headguruteacher
I am a Headteacher and a teacher, interested in developing new ideas in teaching and learning and a regular contributor to conferences and CPD sessions locally and nationally. After many years in London comprehensives, I now work at @KEGS_Chelmsford, a Grammar school in Essex where learning activities are nothing like I’ve seen anywhere else.Although it is a highly selective school, KEGS is a genuine beacon, illustrating what is possible in learning in many contexts if we have enough courage and confidence. I am on a mission to encourage and challenge teachers to take more risks and to release the full creative potential of the learning process.I regularly post reflections and thoughts on my blog at: headguruteacher.com ‘Saya Guru’ means ‘I am a teacher’ in Bahasa Indonesia. I am only a guru in the sense that it means ‘teacher’; all teachers are gurus. You can follow me on twitter @headguruteacher.  I am honoured to be the Chair of the Vision 2040 group and feel confident we will achieve a great deal together.
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lNeil Strowger Neil Strowger
I have been the Headteacher of Bohunt School for four years; during this period performance has risen from top 50 locally to top 80 nationally. I have a wealth of experience having worked in six different secondary schools and for four different local authorities. Naturally outward facing, I have developed extensive external networks and require colleagues to do the same; under my leadership, Bohunt has supported primary schools in three counties.  I am committed to the principles of systems leadership and devolve high levels of autonomy and accountability to leaders at all levels.
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1Stephen Tierney RS pic Stephen Tierney  @head_stmarys
I am currently headteacher of St. Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool, an 11-18 school, which is hard federated with Christ the King Catholic Primary School. From September 2013, I will become Executive Headteacher with responsibility for both schools. We were involved and inspired by our involvement as one of the original System Redesign schools. The work on developing the Deeps & reconfigurations proposed by Prof David Hargreaves fundamentally affected the design and organisation of our BSF/Primary Capital Programme that is now nearing completion.
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