Suggested Reading List

Book Author
Aftershock Robert B Reich
A World-Class Education Vivien Stewart
Ahead of the Class Marie Stubbs
Bad Education– Debunking Myths in Education Philip Adey & Justin Dillon
Better Atul Gawande
Born on a Blue Day Daniel Tammet
Bounce Matthew Syed
Brave Heads (How to lead a school without selling your soul) Dave Harris
Click Ori & Rom Brafman
Creating Innovators Tony Wagner
Developing Sustainable Leadership Davies
Drive Daniel Pink
Education Nation Milton Chen
Education, Education, Education Andrew Adonis
Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman
First Steps CBI report
Future Perfect: The Case For Progress in a Networked Age’ Steven Johnson
Global Achievement Gap Tony wagner
Global Education Inc Stephen J Ball
Good to Great Jim Collins
High Performers Alistair Smith
How to be an even better manager Michael Armstrong
Inspirational Teachers, Inspirational Learners Will Ryan & Ian Gilbert
Leadership with a moral purpose Will Ryan & Ian Gilbert
Leaving Microsoft to change the word John Wood
Mindset Carol Dweck
More High School Graduates Levin
Oops Hywel Roberts
Our Iceberg Is Melting John Kotter & Holger Rathgeber
Personalized Learning John West-Burnham
Principle Centred Leadership Stephen R Covey
Professional Capital Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan
Proust and the squid Maryanne Wolf
Secondary School Teaching & Educational Psychology Galloway &Edwards
Stratosphere Michael Fullan
Talent is overrated Geoff Colvin
Talent management in education Davies & Davies
Teenagers: A Natural History David Bainbridge
The 8th Habit Stephen R.Covey
The Element Ken Robinson
The Fifth discipline Peter M Senge
The Happiness Hypothesis Jonathan Haidt
The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook Jim Smith
The Learning Powered School Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers,
Graham Powell, Bill Lucas
The Master and His Emissary (the divided brain
and the making of the western world)
Ian McGilchrist
The perfect Ofsted inspection Jackie Beere
The perfect Ofsted lesson Jackie Beere
The Speed of Trust Stephen Covey
The Talent code Daniel Coyle
The World Is Flat Thomas L. Friedman
Visible learning for teachers John Hattie
What’s the point of school Guy Claxton
Where Good Ideas Come From Steven Johnson
Why do I need a teacher when I’ve got google Ian Gilbert
Winning Clive Woodward
World Class Learners Yong Zhao

Two Ted Talks:

The difference between winning and succeeding by John Wooden (former basketball coach at UCLA)

Don’t eat the marshmallow by Joachim Poseda

From Alex Quigley:  I have posted two blogs on what I think are essential reads for teachers and school leaders. The first is general and what I see as essential reading for teachers:

My second list has a ‘coaching in schools’ focus, with some overlap with the above list, repeating ‘Visible Learning for Teachers’ by John Hattie:

Here are the rest of my list with a concise summary:

David Perkins, ‘Making Learning Whole: How Seven Principals of Teaching can Transform Education’ (Jossey Bass, 2009) – An excellent read that uses baseball as a metaphor in a really accessible way. Read the Amazon review by Robert David STEELE Vivas for a great breakdown of the book. It is really in tune with the vision of having students as problem finders and ‘generative’ knowledge over inert knowledge. Perkins is involved in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, whose ‘Making Thinking Visible’ programme is a goldmine of pedagogy. See: and here:

Ron Berger, ‘An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students’ (Heinneman 2003) A transformative read that inspires a love of ‘real’ learning and provides an ideological underpinning of the #Vision2040. Here is my blog post inspired by the book: and here is a video of Berger explaining ‘critique’:

Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan, ‘Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School’ (Routledge 2012) I could have selected any Fullan or Hargreaves text, but this latest text is a brilliant synthesis of our current state of play in education. This report on Scottish Education provides lots of interesting contemporary pointers about shaping a curriculum, with particular reference to Scotland’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence’. This OECD report on ‘The Nature of Learning’ is bursting with highly useful research and information that underpins learning and the shaping of a future curriculum. The CBI report is actually full of many gems and useful case studies. Although I would debate some of the perspectives outlined here it is a much more aligned to the curriculum aims of #Vision2040 than you would likely expect. A short but really useful exploration of effective pedagogy with further research. An excellent document on ‘Expeditionary Learning’ that provides a brilliant step by step guide. An excellent collation of cognitive science research on what teaching strategies work.

Video [YouTube]:  Classroom Innovation: The Role of Teachers in the 21st C [1min]

Video [YouTube]:  How will be the world in 2020? [5.20mins]

Video [YouTube]:  I teach, therefore you learn… or do you? [4 mins]

Video [YouTube]:  How will you teach me in the 21st century? [2.43 mins]

Video [YouTube]:  Bill Gates-11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School

Video [YouTube]:  Bill Gates-How do you make a teacher great [part 1]? [5 mins]

Video [YouTube]:  Bill Gates-How do you make a teacher great [part 2]? [6 mins]

Download [pdf]: The School of the Future NCSL

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